We are strong believers in wholesome, fresh and real ingredients. 
We made the conscious choice not to incorporate pectin, excess sugar or thickeners in our jams because we wanted you and your family to enjoy a jam that was picked fresh off of the vine. It is our distinguished honor to produce a jam that makes the authentic flavor of each fruit the focus in every jar.
When blessed by a local farmer with an abundance of strawberries, but no idea on what to do with all of them. The suggestion came to make jam and welp, it sounded like a good idea.  After countless hours of researching and studying the jam-making process, MarQuita was surprised to learn how much sugar and unnecessary additives were added to typical jam recipes and was determined to create jams that were simple, had ingredients that could be recognized and most importantly spotlighted the wonderful taste of each fruit - as nature designed it.
About the Owner
 MarQuita (Mar-Key-Tah) , a native of Oakland California, has early memories of helping her “Bigdaddy”in his garden (although technically she may have done less helping and more playing). Now affectionately called the “Black Martha Stewart” amongst family and friends. It was those early years of planting seeds, watering them and watching them grow that sparked her love affair for fresh produce. Now the owner of That’s My Jam Company, when MarQuita is not busy transforming fresh produce into jams, she loves a good adventure and a beautiful sunset.